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Admin is a Master’s degree holder, and currently doing a job as an IT expert in the leading organization of Pakistan. The vision derived during his Master’s in computer science & he decided to involve in online business, freelancing & affiliate marketing, etc.

He started to take full interest in 2016 when he got a job in a company. After that, he started a job & have 5 years of experience working in the IT field with different Organizations.

Furthermore, it was a big achievement for him to become a successful IT expert in 2019. His first job was as an ‘Engineer’ in a private company.

About  ‘theferretcage.com’

Theferretcage.com is a friendly place to share articles, and photos of our furry friends. It’s a place where you can get advice from the people that breed and love your ferrets as much as you do. It’s also a platform where you can stay up to date at what’s going on at theferretcage.com

theferretcage.com is a dedicated site for ferret lovers, who are looking for answers on different queries about pet ferret’s life. There are different categories on the site to assist the users. We have also added honest reviews about newly launched accessories and add-ons.

The site has initially two important categories for our articles. The “How to” category is dedicated to a common question that users are searching on the web. We are also posting the completed detailed answers to the questions which our followers are asking us by twitter. The other category is “Ferret life“. This is a ferret site to facilitate ferret lovers.

Any health or diet advice that does not come directly from your vet should not be adhered to. We will never provide you with a diagnosis or make recommendations on how to treat any symptoms of your pet that should be treated by your vet that knows your animal.

Raising a ferret is much like raising a child. There are many different ways to feed, care for and train your ferrets. All we care about is that your fuzzy buddies are happy and healthy. theferretcage.com aims to provide a place where all ferret owners can come together with that one purpose in mind – Love your ferrets.

Admin’s Message:

Having a pet is a blessing indeed. During the tenure of 5 years in the online field I face different challenges at every stage, I learn from my mistakes by keeping practice & practice. Now at this stage, I confirmed that the word “IMPOSSIBLE” is actually “I M POSSIBLE”. Today, I consider myself an IT expert,  professional, freelancer, good public & motivational speaker. I have a good sense of humor.



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