What Can I Give My Ferret to Chew on

    What can I give my ferret to chew on? Only dogs haven’t destructive behavior of chewing. Ferrets are good chewers though as this fluffy little mammal sink their teeth into everything from foam to rubber.…

    What Does It Mean When a Ferret Lick You

    Ferrets are known for their curious and social nature, often expressing themselves through a variety of body language cues, including licking. Ferret owners may be familiar with their pets’ tendency to lick them, but may…

    How does a ferret get distemper

    How does a ferret get distemper? Ferrets are sensitive animals and can get easily sick. Through viral diseases such as influenza and canine distemper virus through contact with anybody fluids of an infected animal. It…

    How to treat ferret adrenal disease

    How to treat ferret adrenal disease? Some of the old ferrets around the age of 3-7 years or between may affect by an adrenal disease which is a common syndrome. Ferret’s body contained adrenal glands…

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    • Ferret Lifewhat kind of cage does a ferret need?

      What kind of Cage does a ferret need

      Ferrets are fluffy and soft creatures and have been domesticated in the 1970s. They get famous in the southern United States in the 1980s. Now you can see them anywhere in the world. As they have become the 3rd most popular pet. Let’s know what…

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    • How toHow to Prevent Ferret Hairballs

      How to Prevent Ferret Hairballs

      If you are fond of petting a ferret at your home, you must know how to prevent ferret hairballs. Because, unlike cats, ferrets lack the reflux ability to cough it up. As a result, it may cause trouble like an intestinal blockage in your ferret.…

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    • Ferret LifeWhat size cage do you need for a ferret

      What size cage do you need for a ferret

      What size cage do you need for a ferret? Ferrets are fluffy animals and can escape from anywhere even in a small place. So, they should be housed in a cage that can be locked and closed securely. Well, the size of the ferret’s cage…

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    • Ferret LifeDo ferrets stink up your house

      Do Ferrets Stink Up Your House?

      Do ferrets stink up your house? Ferrets stink up your house, most of the time people like the animal but don’t bring them home as they considered a smelly creature but some find no offense to keep them. They are not worried about his musky…

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    • Ferret LifeCan you use cat litter in a ferret cage

      Can you use cat litter in a ferret cage

      When you are having a pet at home you need to take care of the animal wholeheartedly and you need to clean the house as well. Petting an animal whatever it is a ferret, cat or dog, increases your duties along with household chores. Let’s…

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    • Ferret LifeCan ferrets eat cooked chicken bones

      Can ferrets eat cooked chicken bones

      Can ferrets eat cooked chicken bones? Carnivores and wild eat the whole animal including bones, organs, and meat. Ferret is one of them and you can give them bones to eat but not cooked. Because cooked bones are not safe for the health of ferret.…

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    • How toHow can ferret tell if he is in pain

      How can ferret tell if he is in pain

      How can ferret tell if he is in pain? Ferrets are sensitive and have the same emotions as humans. But it is a bit difficult to understand their pain as they cannot verbally tell you. They also cry in the reaction of pain and distress…

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    • Ferret LifeWhere do ferrets originate from?

      Where do ferrets originate from

      Where do ferrets originate from? Today which ferret is keeping as a pet, those are domestic ferrets. Expert says they were bred more than 2500 years ago from European polecats or steppe polecats. Most of the people confuse this creature with skunks which are also…

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    • Ferret Lifehow ferrets are dangerous

      How ferrets are dangerous

      How ferrets are dangerous? Ferrets are lovely creatures it looks like weasels. But keeping a ferret as a pet is not much dangerous for humans, kids, and other pets in the home. But everybody knows the guinea pig may lead to disease salmonella. Just like…

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